• Q: What happens if you run out of coins?
    A: You can use any other coin analog you like. We recommend dimes and pennies. Or real gold and silver doubloons if you happen to have them...

  • Q: Some of the Voyages specify a loot value and a card. Let's say I'm captain, and the voyage says that shares are worth five gold and a card. Since the captain gets three shares, does that mean I get fifteen gold and a card, or fifteen gold and three cards?
    A: The loot value only applies to doubloons, not to any cards that may be awarded. So in your example, the Captain gets fifteen gold and one card.

  • Q: During Phase 7, when the Crew Position cards are returned, does the Quartermaster card immediately get two action tokens on it if it had been used that voyage? Or does it go back with zero tokens? What about in the unlikely event that the Quartermaster player did not use all of his tokens that turn, would the unused action tokens be returned on the Quartermaster card, or would they be discarded?
    A: An action token is replaced only if the Quartermaster was not selected for a campaign. If all the tokens get used, the card goes back with zero tokens and there will be no action tokens if the Quartermaster is taken next turn. If there are unused tokens at the end of a campaign in which the Quartermaster participated, they stay with the card and may be used by the next Quartermaster (but an additional token is not placed on the card).

  • Q: Can the Carpenter's "Improvise" ability change the value of a card played by someone else, providing that the card contains the Carpenter Seal?
    A: No, the Carpenter's ability can only be used on cards he has played. (However, the Oakum card allows the Carpenter to change the value of any single Carpenter card in play regardless of who played it.)
  • Q: There are bonuses for pirates with reputations higher than 12, but on page 10 of the rule book, it says "No player's Rank on the Reputation Track may go below the first or above the last hole." What gives?
    A: We admit this is a tad contradictory. The game does terminate once a player reaches rank 12. But it is possible to end up with a rank higher than 12 (and receive the appropriate bonus!). And it is still not possible to have a rank lower than 1.